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Recent employment and entrepreneurship studies Työpoliittinen aikakauskirja 1/2018
 Recent employment and entrepreneurship studies
 Operational and evaluation study of employment service’s key project pilots (2017), Olli Oosi; Janika Keinänen; Laura Jauhola; Jeremias Kortelainen; Risto Karinen ja Mikko Wennberg, Owal Group Oy
Publications of the Ministry of Economic A airs and Employment 43/2017
The operational and evaluation study has monitored the implementation of the pilots that are part of the employment service’s
key project from June 2016 to September 2017. The objective of the study is to support TE O ces in implementing and developing per- formance-based procurement service pilots.
The pilots were successful experiments and a lot can be learned from them for the fur- ther development of new pilots. The number of clients of the pilots overall was so small that no signi cant conclusions can be drawn. The functionality of customer guidance is a critical explanatory factor for the success of the pilots. In the main, the employment results during the review period were as good among customers who were interested in the pilots as for those who did not participate in them. Starting up their own business was a genuine alternative for only some of those who took part in the pilots. The most productive of the business services
pilots were those related to clear needs and which had set targets.
In the evaluation it is recommended that customer guidance should be implemented more systematically and clearly than at pres- ent. Procurement should be implemented as a negotiation procedure and emphasis should be placed on quality factors and competitive dialogue. Pilots should be tried out with the longer term unemployed drawing lots to select customers and utilising benchmarking. Service providers should be encouraged to experiment with di erent things during the pilots. Moving towards freedom of choice, service providers’ marketing and communications regarding their services should be increased. More con- sideration should be given to entrepreneurship and new forms of employment as alternative employment results.

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