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Työpoliittinen aikakauskirja 2/2017 Taulukot
Explanatory notes
Symbols used:
0,0 Magnitude less than half of unit employed
. Category not applicaple
.. Data not available or too uncertain for presentation, or subject to secrecy
– Magnitude nil
* Preliminary data
1. General
Most of the  gures in the tables are quar- terly and annual averages computed from monthly data of original series. The Ministry of Economic A airs and Employment’s original monthly  gures appear in Employment Bulletin. The sum percentage in a table does not always equal 100 because the  gures are rounded.
2. De nitions of the labour force survey of statistics  nland
Working-age population, all persons aged 15 to 74 resident in Finland.
Labour force, the sum of employed and unem- ployed persons.
Employed persons, all persons who during the survey week did some work (for at least an hour) for a pay or fringe bene t or to gain pro t or were temporarily absent from work. The employed may be employee, self-employed person or unpaid family worker.
Unemployed persons, all persons who for the whole survey week were without work, had been seeking a job actively in the past four weeks for pay or pro t, and could accept a job within two weeks or have arranged to start a work within two weeks but not yet begun it. A student, a temporarily laid-o  person and a unemploy- ment pensioner are also considered unemployed if person meets the above mentioned job seeking and job acceptance criteria.
Labour force participation rate, the ratio of all persons in the labour force to the total popula- tion of working age.
Employment rate, the ratio of the employed to the population aged 15 to 64.
Unemployment rate, the ratio of the unem- ployed to all persons in the labour force.

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