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Työpoliittinen aikakauskirja 2/2017
A long-term unemployed person born prior year 1950 and over 60 years old can receive an unemployment pension under terms laid down by law. While in receipt of such a pension, person must remain a jobseeker at an Employment and Economic Development O ce.
Table 24. Statistics on migration. Source: Statistics Finland, Population Statistics.
Table 25. Unemployment rates in some countries. Source: OECD, Main Economic Indicators.
Occupational classi cation. The clas-si-  cation used in Ministry of Economic A airs and Employment’s Employment Service Statistics is based on the International Standard Classi cation of Occupations (ISCO). Occupational Classification, Ministry of Economic A airs and Employment, 2014.
Industrial classification. NACE (Nomenclature Générale des Activités Economiques dans les Communautés Européennes) is used in Finland. From 2005 Standard Industrial Classi cation TOL 2008, Statistics Finland.
Until 2009 Ahvenanmaa (Åland) included into Varsinais-Suomi administrative district. From 2010 Ahvenanmaa (Åland) will be pre- sented separately based on the revision of the administrative districts.
From 2006, regional data of Employment Service Statistics will be presented for each local authority rather than for each o ce, as used to be the case. In the data for the local authorities, information for the region in question will be jointly assembled for all municipalities included within the region. Data for a local authority will be based, for example, on the jobseeker’s municipality of residence and the municipality in which the workplace is located as noti ed by the employer. The previously used data, which is o ce-based, rely on data supplied by the per- son’s and employer’s customer service agency.

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