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Dear Reader,
The political and economic relations between the United States and Finland are deeper than ever, with a
broad range of converging interests.
As a Nordic country and a member of
the European Union, Finland is pursuing a strong transatlantic trade and investment relationship that promotes high-quality jobs, growth, productivity, and innovation on both sides of the Atlantic.
The United States and Finland, as open economies, have greatly benefited from the expanding international exchange
of investments, goods, and services. Since we are also highly innovative nations, we are engaged in scientific and technological cooperation that combines our strengths and produces clear benefits to both.
The United States is among the top foreign direct investment destinations
for Finnish companies. There are more than two hundred affiliates of Finnish companies operating in the United States, creating tens of thousands of jobs.
Most of the Finnish-owned companies operating in the United States are high- tech oriented with a strong emphasis on research, development, and innovation (R&D&I). The technology spillovers generate mutual economic gains.
Finland too welcomes foreign investors. As one of the leading countries in R&D&I and a frontrunner in digitalization, Finland is a great partner for innovation cooperation. Finland is also an ideal testing ground for multinational high-
tech companies to develop and pilot
new technologies and innovations. The collaboration with the Finnish high-tech ecosystems benefits foreign companies operating in Finland. Recently, the American tech giants Google, IBM, and
GE Healthcare have chosen Finland as their partner. We warmly welcome other American companies to follow suit.
Finland and the United States are partners in investment, innovation, and trade. In the following pages, I am proud to introduce a group of seven Finnish
companies that run successful operations with over 25,000 employees in the United States. I am confident that we will hear about many more success stories in the years to come.
Kai Mykkänen
Minister for Foreign Trade and Development
Photo: Laura Kotila / VNK

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